Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gimme some dark ambient!

Greetings on the Vernal Equinox!

I recently teamed up with the amazing Xambuca for a contribution to Sombre Soniks' new compilation Dark Ambient 5. It's released today. You can enjoy it on their site or buy the entire album for as little or as much as you want. Feel free to be free!

For those of you inclined to dive even deeper into the recesses of your own mind (and mine?), there's a track by Sinnelag, my solo project, called Satanosphere, on the first Dark Ambient comp. That's also a good one – if you ask me – and not so chaotic as Sinnelag's material usually is.

That's it for the Vernal Equinox transmission! Enjoy some good music and celebrate the Spring!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Audio Structure Spirits rule!

Thanks to enthusiastic people with analog or digital labels, old and new musical Carl Abrahamsson sins keep appearing and re-appearing. It's been a while since Cotton Ferox were an active team of audio structure spirit-interpreters, but that doesn't seem to stop the world of CF fans and their demands. I'm happy about that.

A recent development is the contribution to the compilation 70 Years of Sunshine on Monotype Records. It's due out in April, but they have "soundclouded" our track now, so I might as well link to it too. The music is by Thomas Tibert and the words by me. That is, a bona fide old school Cotton Ferox deconstruction. Enjoy! Play it loud!

The compilation is a follow-up to Silent Records' legendary comp 50 Years of Sunshine from 1993, to which White Stains contributed the track Let it be thus. All in honour of the Swiss gentleman-chemist Albert Hofmann and his mythic lysergic bicycle ride of 1943.

The very same text I recorded for 70 Years... has also been aurally augmented by Chandra Shukla of Xambuca for another comp-to-come, Dark Ambient Volume 5 on Sombre Sonik Records. I will write more on how to buy these two records when they actually appear – within a month or so.

On another note (ha ha) I'm waiting for the mindbending LP by Telecult Powers, for which I've written the liner notes. Should be out soon too.

The moral of this little note is: Even if I try to stay away from music (believe me, I really have tried), I just can't. Why should I?, you might ask. That's a long and very intellectual story, so we'll save that for another time. Suffice to say that I now realise that I don't really call the shots. The audio structure spirits do.